Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Tracking disabled, you rotten sick sonofabitch.

"Do you want to disable tracking"? Does a bear shit in the woods? But, I have no choice. Of this I am certain. (can I "like" the idea though?) I tend to be a bit of a conspiracy theorist. In fact, any minority that isn't I admit I view with a bit of apprehension, dismay and perhaps disdain. A minority friend recently said to me that getting involved in thoughts of conspiracy are pointless because it doesn't matter how much you think about it because there is nothing to you can do about it. I think this is in itself a conspiration of silence in which we are encouraged to participate. If those in power can convince you to say nothing about the moderately-to-obviously questionable then they can convince a person to simply agree on the mild, but deadly offenses one sees everyday. Shit is shoveled into our faces daily and we digest it—in every sense of the word— simply (in our metaphorical stomachs, our brains, and on social media) as long as the cookies we get after our blood is drawn is made with splenda (like) because we have can always say we've swallowed worse. I strive to simply not learn to tolerate the taste, even if it's sugar loaded and sprinkled with government-issued crack (like). Perhaps I have spit it out on others once too often. But, even regurgitated I sadly predict that most will swallow it in my stead like malnourished chicks. To not think of conspiracies that may exist simply because its easier to do so or for fear of sounding crazy DETERMINES that you can and will do nothing about them... ever. Count on it: Those in power do. Prophecy fulfilled. The bear has taken the diarrhetic and is headed into the woods. Also, while typing this "facebook" pops up as a typo until I capitalized the "F". (like). Fuck it if I'm the only non-crazy one around... I understand and accept exactly what that means. That you think I don't makes YOU crazy. (like) Now, if you'll excuses me, I have to finish chopping this tree down in the forest... and I spit that fucking pill out.

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