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HAPPY AMERICAN HISTORY MONTH!! It's like Kwanzaa for white people!! Enjoy the next 28 days, mothafucka because it's the only time you get to see us comin! I'll not only be highlighting the Black people making black history but also white people who made black history!! Be afraid!!
Typical cats always talk down to us, beat us, belittle us, look at us with disgust, hose us off, enslave us, murder us, sick dogs on us, speak over us, steal us, steal from us, imprison us, ignore us, fear us, fuck us (first literally, then metaphorically... then literally again...), steal what we create and make it WHACKER... and we still don't hate as much as we could. YOU KNOW WHY, BITCH?! CAUSE WE MOTHERFUCKING DOPE. WE ARE LOVE, STRENGTH, RESILIENCE AND POWER that makes a weak motherfucker jealous. I know the stank face of a whack ass typical looking for the type of humble that makes them feel unique... YOU AIN'T GONNA GET IT, NIGGA!
I ain't afraid of nothing that's afraid of me! NOTHIN! We are TOO MUCH and we have never looked like MORE than the MORE WE LOOK RIGHT NOW in America. Get behind us or get behind us bitches. #Weouttchea #beafraid #thacomeup


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To Vincent Terry, My Father. Wild, outgoing, sometimes and asshole, a great man to have in your corner (when you're in a corner), wayward, quick-tempered and very. very funny. It's sad that my dad and I are nothing alike. Thank you pop for being the man who decided I should take the bus by myself at 8. And thanks for following me for 2 weeks when I started. I owe a ton for my mother's gentleness and a ton to my father's calluses. Happy Fathers' Day, Vincent Terry. You are are the reason I insist on all three names.
Best Quote: He must have a horseshoe up his ass.


It's that time again!!! #FBF of #AMERICANHISTORYMONTH. This photo gallery is brought to you by my mother and called... #WOMENSMARCH!! It took me along time to write this... pardon me if I say something stupid.

Feminine is a funny Word. I cannot define the phenomenon of feminine, for it is neither my place nor my aim... but I like it. For many reasons in many ways, always. In some societies it is softness. The wilting flower. The tender petals. In some cultures it is rubenesque. In some thin. Sometimes Athena, sometimes Oshun.... 

blah blah blah. But...
Quick Tale: When I was growing up, I had a diverse array of friends of all li

On the NYT Book review... FUCK "OUR" "BLUE COLLAR" OUTRAGE!

I can completely understand that the reaction of many to what I have to say may make me sound like a turncoat, but "We need to talk about Kevin". But several facebook friends posted this and I had to get in on this. for those who haven't read this hilariously brave review (Chicagoans is crazy about Chicago!) see below.

Interesting read. I wanted to comment on this because the jingoism associated with the "BLUE-COLLAR type of town" mentality is simply no longer true, belies our citizens' (righteous, in my opinion) own cries of inequality, and the evidence supported by the empirically measured migration rate and anecdotal listing as a city only less miserable than Flint, Detroit and Rockford (GODDAMN!)  Chicago has a history of deep deep segregation, isolation, nepotism, cronyism and political/slanted rhetoric (where "Windy" comes from) …